Tour Chiloe Island

Chiloe Island 2 Days Tour

Day 1.- Departure from your hotel in Puerto Varas to Pargua to cross the Chacao Channel. Visit Chacao Church. Caulin, nestling place of flamingoes, black necked swans and many other birds. Continue towards Ancud to visit the museum, spanish fortress, Arena Grues beach. Afternoon visit to Punihuil Penguin Colony  (September to april).  On this time you´ll be able to see  Magelanic and Humboldt Penguins. By the end of the day we arrive to Castro to visit its Cathedral declared World Heritage by Unesco, the Palafitos (Typical Chiloe House built on stilts by the ocean coast) and the handicraft market. Overnight.

Day 2.- After breakfast we continue south of Castro to Chonchi, Huillnco and Cucao to visit the Chiloe National Park and the trails El tepual and Dunas de Cucao. Return to Dalcahue to take the ferry to Quinchao island to visit the beautifull Achao city with its oldest church on Chiloé. Come back to Puerto Varas by the panamerican highway.

Daily departure. Please book 2 days in advance. Minimum 2 people.

At the same time we provide day tours to Chiloe island.

Day tour to Chiloe Island.

Depart from Puerto Varas at 08:00 and from Puerto Varas at 08:30 to Pargua to take the ferry to the picturesque Chacao Village from here we continue to Castro to visit the Palafitos (typical houses on stilts), Cathedral declared World heritage by Unesco, continue to Dalcahue to visit the church and indian market. Return to Puerto Montt at 7:30 p.m.

Day Tour Ancud Pengüin Colony

Depart from your hotel to Pargua to catch the ferry to navigate 30 minutes and reach the picturesque Chacao Village, continue to Ancud to visit the the Museum, Spanish Fortress and continue to paradisiac Puñihuil bay surrounded by cliffs and little islands inhabited by a great diversity of birds and mammals among them you will find sea otters, Humboldt and Magellanic Pengüins. Return to Puerto Montt at 19:00 p.m.